Ovingham Football Club.

The Country club in the city

Ovingham Football Club. The Country Club in the City

Your Club the Ovingham Cats is the little battler of the inner North. We bring the country spirit to the city, where everyone is valued and has a part in the successful management and running of the club. We are family orientated and include everyone. We strive to be the club that no-one wants to leave as they see the respect shown for any and all effort that is put in. It is our belief that it is an honour to play football and will never turn away anyone for having a red hot go. 


The Ovingham Football Club was established in 1897, well before the Amateur League was formed. It has had a long football history and played in several leagues, including The Uniting Church League, The Southern Metropolitan Football Association and The Central District Football Association before joining the SAAFL in 1989.

Teams from the Ovingham district were playing matches at least as far back as 1897, but the Ovingham Methodist Club was formed in 1913 in the inaugural year of the United Church Association. Right from its beginnings it played in the area where the North Adelaide Swimming Pool now stands, even though it went into recess for the First World War and from 1926 to 1938. In 1948 it crossed the Park to the ground opposite the Rua Rua Hospital, and in 1951 and 1952 was Jubilee premier of United Church, aided by former West Torrens stars Len Coverlid and Doug Cockshell. The move to Cane Reserve, an area donated to the council by Charles Cane, occurred through the efforts of Reg Mead, who coached the Club for 16 seasons winning 13 Grand Finals. In the days at Park 2 the team used Reg’s truck as change rooms. A cracker night was held to burn the box thorns covering Cane Reserve, but only after the cattle from a nearby dairy were moved. In 1974 the old tin shed was knocked down and replaced by a brick structure which was extended in 1992. The Club joined the SAAFL in 1980, and in 1985 was suspended after round 11, then allowed to re-affiliate in 1989

Current Committee

President : Luke Vanstan

Vice President: Sean Cameron

Chairman : Brendan Raets

Treasurer : Craig Dunling

Secretary : Lyle Berg

Committee : TBA

Coach : TBA