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Posted by j.t.scott@live.com.au on November 4, 2011 at 7:25 AM

The Ovingham Football Club is currently seeking sponsorsfor the upcoming 2012 South Australian Amateur League (SAAFL) Season.

Season 2011 was a very successful year for the club.After the club was on the brink of being removed from the SAAFL in 2009 this pastseason has proven the valour and fighting spirit of the Cats only narrowlymissing the finals series. It is this tenacity and commitment that is providingthe many opportunities for you to show your support to the club and thecommunity. Your sponsorship would be invaluable in providing the chance forthis historic club to grow and prosper into the dominant force of the SAAFL.

The club has a great working relationship with theProspect City Council and various community groups. With our positioning at OvinghamFootball Club we have exposure to thousands of potential customers and by beinga part of the redevelopment of your local club you will be forever rememberedfor your great efforts. All of our players, coaches, members and staff arecommitted to undertake the role of ambassador for all of our sponsors. The clubis striving to achieve success and add value and integrity to the game and thesurrounding community. The club is committed to each sponsors objectives andrequirements and can tailor a package to suit your particular needs.

Attached are some of our sponsorship proposals for yourperusal. We appreciate the time you have taken to read through these and I canbe contacted any time on 0400258752 if you would like to discuss them further.

I look forward to your response and hope to meet anddiscuss how we can establish a mutually beneficial working relationship now andinto the future.

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